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2-3t/H Feed Pelletizer for Poultry Feed Making

2-3t/H Feed Pelletizer for Poultry Feed Making

2-3t/H Feed Pelletizer Introduction
2-3T/H feed pelletizer is a combination of crushers, pulse dust collectors, screw conveyors, mixers, pelletizers, bucket elevators, countercurrent cooling pellet dryers, vibrating screens, and other equipment with good performance. 

The poultry feed-making machine integrates the functions of crushing, mixing, lifting, granulating, cooling, screening, etc., with automatic feeding, rapid feeding, and smooth discharging. It is a medium-sized feed unit with low investment and quick results.

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The Feature of Feed Pelletizer:
1. The feed pelletizer has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, operation and maintenance, and reliable work.
2. The feed pelletizer is equipped with ring molds with various apertures such as φ6, φ8, φ10, etc., users can choose according to different needs, and can customize ring dies with different apertures for users.
3. The feed pelletizer adopts variable frequency speed control feeding, extended conditioner wide-opening cleaning method, and is equipped with external discharge and overload protection devices, and a hoop-shaped ring die. Fully imported bearings and oil seals in the transmission box, serpentine spring couplings transmit power, etc.
The feed pelletizer is suitable for the pelleting of various raw materials, such as sawn wood, straw, various forages, mixtures of sludge and sawn wood, coal, etc.

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The Advance of Feed Pelletizer:
1. The ring dies pellet machine adopts mechanically forced feeding, high-speed rotation, and centrifugal distribution into the pelletizing chamber, and the scraper is used to distribute the material, the feeding is uneven; the flat die pelletizer depends on the weight of the material to enter the compression chamber vertically, which can be uniform Feeding.

2. In a mold with the same diameter, the diameter of the ring die press wheel is limited by the diameter of the ring die, so the pressure is limited; the diameter of the flat die press wheel is not limited by the die diameter and the internal bearing space can be enlarged. The use of large bearings to enhance the bearing capacity of the pressure roller not only improves the pressing force of the pressure roller but also prolongs the service life.

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3. The ring die has a high speed, and the damage rate is high when the material is discharged; while the flat die has a low speed, and the damage rate is low.

4. If the ring dies granulator uses the two screws on the eccentric wheel in the middle of the pressure wheel to adjust the pressure; the flat die granulator adopts the threaded screw m100 central adjustment mechanism, the top force is 100 tons, the falling is stable, and the impact is soft. The pressure is even. It can adopt two ways of rotating manual and hydraulic automatic adjustment.

From the comparison between the flat mold and the ring mold, we can see that the pressure of the flat mold is greater than that of the ring mold. Therefore, it is better to use a flat mold for materials such as wood chips, straw, etc., which are lighter and difficult to mold.

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We Can Help Our Customers to Solve the Different Problems:
1. Because every customer has different materials and different capacities, we can according to the customer's requirements choose the machine for you. In general, the ring die feed pelletizer, has a big capacity function, and the machine needs to use a boiler to make the material better maturation, and the boiler The customer can prepare it, or we can purchase it for him. We will make it clear for the customer to choose the ring die, as for the Feed compression ratio, we can according to the customer's material and requirements to design for you.

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2. About the voltage and frequency, I think this problem is a public problem for a customer, most of the customer has different voltage from China, so we will customize the motor for the customer.

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