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8-10 T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line Project in Mexico

8-10 T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line Project in Mexico

Mexico will continue to be a major importer of basic grains. Imports of basic grains are expected to continue growing modestly in 2019-20 to meet the growing demand for livestock feed.

A Mexican customer ordered an 8-10T/H chicken feed pellet machine production line from Herm Machinery, which is mainly used to produce 2-12mm animal feed pellets, such as poultry feed, cattle, sheep feed, pig feed, etc. The best-priced high-performance feed pellet machines from Herm Machinery are of good quality, long life, and low failure rate. Our animal feed production line has become a favorite of many farm users.


With higher consumer incomes, spending on cereals and basic crops tends to decrease, while consumer spending on poultry, pork and beef, milk, and eggs increases. For feed consumption, corn kernels are fed to livestock and poultry in raw form alone or with supplements in compound feed. The animal feed industry is expected to grow slightly in 2020, and the poultry industry remains the main user of feed grains in Mexico, mainly corn.


How To Make Chicken Feed?

1. Raw Material Crushing Section:

The feed grinder can grind the raw material ingredients to the required size. The grind fitness is different for different grinders. We supply four types of feed grinders. The hammer mills are suitable for small-sized or medium-sized feed pelletizing plants. The wide chamber fine grinders and water drop hammer mills are usually used in large-sized and medium-sized feed pelletizing factories. The ultra-fine feed grinder is designed for grinding raw materials of special aquatic feed.

2. Feed Material Mixing Section:

Mixing is considered to be one of the essential operations in feed pellet processing. Lack of proper mixing may lead to reduced diet uniformity, affecting the feed pellet quality. We supply two kinds of high-efficiency feed mixers: twin-shaft mixers for mixing powdered or particle materials and a screw belt mixer for mixing powdered materials. Both of them can be equipped with atomizing spraying system to add needed liquids, which can improve the feed pellet quality.


3. Feed Pelletizing Section:

The feed pellet mill is the main equipment of the whole production line. There are two common kinds of feed pellet mills: ring die feed pellet mills and flat die feed pellet mills. If you want to produce feed pellets in large quantities, the ring dies feed pellet mill is the ideal choice. If your demanded quantity is small, you can choose the flat die feed pellet mill. Also, we supply the aquatic feed pellet mill for pressing fish feed pellets and shrimp feed pellets, etc. If you have more questions about customized feed pellet production requirements, please feel free to leave a message or send an email for more support.

4. Feed Pellet Cooling Section:

The feed pellets pressed out by the feed pellet mill are hot and moist. They can't be crushed, screened, or packed immediately. A counterflow feed pellet cooler is designed to cool or dry the feed pellets. It can decrease the temperature and moisture of the feed pellets, preparing for the following sections.

5. Feed Pellet Crushing Section:

Different poultry, livestock, or aquatic feed pellets are of different sizes. Some big ones should be crushed into small ones. Roll-type feed pellet crumbler is just the equipment for feed pellet crushing. Double-roll feed pellet crumbler is suitable for crushing poultry feed, such as chicken feed, duck feed, goose feed, etc. Three-roll feed pellet crumbler is suitable to crush aquatic feed including fish feed and shrimp feed etc.


6. Feed Pellet Screening And Grading Section:

The crushed feed pellets are of different sizes, and there may be some powder. The rotary grading sieve can be used to screen and grade the feed pellets. After processing, you can get the qualified feed pellets without fine powder.

7. Feed Pellet Packing Section:

The feed pellets should be packed for transporting, storing, or selling. Automatic weighing and packing machines can weigh and pack the pellets automatically with high accuracy.

8. Automatic PLC Control System:

With the automatic PLC control system, the production line is with high efficiency and convenient operation.

Raw Material

Cereals: con, wheat bran, soybean, rice bran, sorghum, millet, vinasse, etc.

Proteins and fat: fishmeal, bone meal, soybean meal, peanut cake, cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake, etc.

Additive: spices, sweeteners, molasses, fat, mineral elements.

Henan Herm Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2010 and has been devoted to the research and development of Feed Mill Machinery ever since. With more than 10-year experience, Herm® has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of animal feed machines and complete animal feed production linescattle feed plantspoultry feed plants, animal feed pellet production lines, etc. It always endeavored to improve the quality of products and aims to meet the new requirements of the international market. 

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