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A Bulk Vending Operator's Story

A Bulk Vending Operator's Story

Very few companies can share success stories like Entervending does. A virtual newcomer to the bulk vending industry, Entervending is quickly making a name for itself and competing with some of the bigger names in the business. The company was started in 2012 in the United  and in 2015, grew big enough to buy Global Gumball, and make it the powerhouse it is today.

In addition to manufacturing the Spiral Wizard Gumball Machines and distributing gumball machines and products across the country and around the world, Entervending has found a client base is South Florida. The company currently operates a six-machine rack and two spiral gumball machines at a mall in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Entervending secured the locations the old-fashioned way - making hundreds of phone calls and reaching out to business owners. Then following up with emails and pictures of his their products. Once the contract was secured, the company placed its machines in the mall and started watching them become profitable.

An average month for the operator generates up to $500 in revenue, with an initial cost of only $76, and a rental payment - or commission - of $200 (40 percent). Entervending not only sets up the machines and collects payment on the machines, but they also service them as well.

Upon each visit (weekly to monthly, depending on how quickly the machines need to be stocked and money needs to be collected), each machine is hand-cleaned with care. Polishing and restocking the machines takes approximately an hour. If a machine needs to be serviced, Entervending handles that, too. As a successful operator, you have to be. They are a full service gumball machine company.

Entervending stocks the machines with high quality assorted gumballs (sizes and cost available upon request). They also sell other products that can be dispensed - bouncy balls, toys, candy, etc. The company is currently working on a deal which will place more of their machines in a second mall in the area, with the possibility of other locations being secured.


A Bulk Vending Operator's Story



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HansenFebruary 22, 2017, 5:45 pm

Restocking the gumball machines is so easy

HansenFebruary 21, 2017, 5:01 pm

The wizard is my favorite

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