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Basic troubleshooting of your vending machine

Basic troubleshooting of your vending machine

We can see a variety of vending machines being introduced every now and then, but we do face small problems with these machines as well. There are complicated technical problems for which you need services of a vending machine expert who can fix it for you; however, some problems can be fixed by a layman too. Small problems like coins getting returned, stuff getting jammed etc. So get ready to know small problems that you may face in vending machine  business and  how they can be fixed.

Ventilation and jamming issues

Always ensure that ventilation is proper for vending machine. Keeping it 5-6 inches away from the wall is a good idea. Since some drinks like diet drinks are bound to freeze at high temperatures, always ensure that thermostat temperature is appropriate. Usually, 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended. If your machine offer jamming problems every now and then, then temperature is the culprit for sure.

Coins coming back

You need to check if slots are empty or not. Machine will return the coins if items are not there to vend or there is a jam in there. If there are items in there, but coins are being returned you need to clear the jam. Take out all the cans or other products before placing them back. Also, check if wheels are working properly. These two important checks should fix the issue for you. If it doesn't contact your vending machine supplier.

Not taking bills

If your vending machine refuses to take bills, then it could be due to 2 reasons. Either, sufficient change is not available in the machine or dollar validators are dysfunctional. You might need to replace loose dollar validators. Check it two three times to ensure that it is working fine now.

Machine heats up too often

If your machine is heating up too often, check if vending machine is placed too close to the wall as mentioned above. Also, check the thermostat temperature. You also need to check if the cooling fan is working fine and cooling the machine properly.

Benefits of periodic checks

These small checks will make easy for your vending machine business and save you a lot of time. Do not wait for the machine to act weird. Periodic checks will also add credibility to your business. Maintenance of vending machines is very important. 




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