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How to Begin A Vending Machine Company – Locating Tips

How to Begin A Vending Machine Company – Locating Tips

Have I used my local company directory to make a list of companies in my area that I wish to target?

Every city has and every community should have one. I believe that most do from what I’ve seen in my area. It just depends on where you’re living. Basically the company directory, what it does it, it gives a lot of info to you.

Alot of useful information. Here in Canada, it’s called Scott’s Company Directory. I am not sure what the U.S.  one is, it may be called Jigsaw or something like that.

That’s a business directory that you can get info from. How’s that important? Well you get the business name, and how many employees work there. That’s a large one.

You want to know how many staff members, because the more staff members that work there, then you know which ones to target so you aren’t wasting your time. Armed with this information you can then get the some of the main staff members contact information.

You have a VP the Human Resource (HR) Director, the Office Manager, their names and stuff. Great. You are able to put together a sales letter, and address is personally to them.

Explain that you run a vending service business and you would like to help them.

So using the local business directory is great because you are able to get a lot of info from there and you are able to make a list of businesses that are in your region that you want to target, do a mass mailing, no matter what you want to do.

Even just go visit them and drop off information for someone specific that you want to talk to.

Here’s another question to consider. Have I gone to my local building department and asked to look at where and what new businesses are up and coming? What happens is, this is for public viewing. You can go to your local building department and see info there about all the new buildings.

When you see a new construction going on in your vicinity and you are kind of wondering, “I wonder what that place is?” Well you go to your local building department. Now here, it’s the city hall or the town hall.

They have divisions, Transit, Public Works, Managers Office, Mayors Office, and Building Department. That is the type of building that you want to go to.

You are able to just go in there and say, “Hey, I noticed a new facility opening up and I’m just wondering what that’s going to be?” Generally they have a binder with a list of buildings under construction.

In my community they have binders where you can open it up and look and see. It’ll say the construction company that’s doing the job. It’ll say the company that’s going in there.

It might even give you contact info in there in some cases. This is a great way to for you to get an idea of what is opening up there.




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