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What is a 1t/h Chicken Feed Making Machine?

What is a 1t/h Chicken Feed Making Machine?

Chicken feed machine is suitable for small and medium-sized agricultural farms, such as raising rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, cattle, sheep, water, and other farmers. Chicken feed-making machines can also produce sinking fish feed, as well as powder, pellets, crushed materials, lump materials, etc.

1. Raw material receiving and storage (cleaning)
Impurities in the raw materials not only affect the growth of animals, but also easily cause blockage of pipelines and equipment, and even damage equipment (screens, ring molds, etc.). Screening, magnetic separation, and suction dust removal methods can be used.

2. Smash
The purpose of crushing: increase the specific surface area of ​​the feed, improve the digestion and utilization of the feed by the animal; improve the quality of the subsequent processes such as ingredients, mixing, and pelleting, and improve the work efficiency of these processes.

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3. Mixing process
Ingredients are the process of feeding and metering various feed materials with specific ingredients in accordance with the requirements of the formula.
Mixing is a process in which various material components are stirred and mixed after the feed product has been metered and formulated so that they are mixed and distributed evenly.

4. Granulation system
The granulating system processes the uniformly mixed compound feed through high-temperature steam conditioning and strong extrusion of the granulator to make granules, and then cool, crush, and screen to make granular finished products.

5. Cooling
The cooled pellets not only increase the hardness of the pellets but also prevent mildew, which is convenient for the transportation and storage of pellets.

6. Classification
After the powder is compressed into shape and cooled or the granules are crushed, it needs to pass through a grading sieve to extract qualified finished products, screen out the unqualified small particles or powders re-granulate, and return the particles with a geometric size larger than the qualified product back to the crusher Broken.
Common grading screens are divided into two types: vibrating grading sieves and plane rotary sieves.

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7. Packaging
Generally, a bag packing machine is used to pack the granules into 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, and 50kg.
Advantages of chicken feed machine
1. It can avoid being picky eaters. There are many kinds of feed formula raw materials, which can ensure more comprehensive nutrition and prevent partial eclipse of animals. Since pellet feeds become pellets during storage, transportation, and feeding, feeding losses can be reduced by 5% to 8%.
2. Chicken feed-making machine with a high feed rate of return. In the pelleting process, due to the combined effects of water, temperature, and pressure, starch gelatinizes, enzyme activity is enhanced, and feed can be digested more effectively, which translates into weight gain. Feeding poultry and pigs with pellet feed can increase the feed conversion rate (that is, the rate of return) by 10%-12% compared with powdered feed. Feeding fattening pigs with pellet feed has an average daily gain of 4%, and the feed-to-meat ratio is reduced by 6%; feeding broilers, the feed-to-meat ratio can be reduced by 3%-10%.
3. Storage and transportation are more economical. After pelleting, the bulk density of the feed will generally increase by 40%-100%, which can reduce the storage capacity and save transportation costs.
4. Good liquidity and easy management. The powder has a small specific gravity, and the feed with molasses or high fat and urea often adheres to the hopper. However, pellet feed has good fluidity and seldom produces adhesion.

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5. Avoid automatic grading of feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution. In the process of powder storage and transportation, due to the different volumes and masses of various powders, it is easy to produce a classification. After the pellets are made, there is no classification of feed ingredients, and the pellets are not easy to dust. During the feeding process, the pellets have much less pollution to air and moisture than powders.

6. Kill Salmonella in animal feed. Salmonella will remain in animal tissues after being ingested by animals. People who eat animals infected with this bacteria will suffer from Salmonella gastrointestinal problems. The method of steam high-temperature tempering and re-granulation can kill Salmonella in animal feed.

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