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What is a 5-7 T/H Feed Pellet Making Machine?

What is a 5-7 T/H Feed Pellet Making Machine?

Product Overview
The production line is a very popular animal feed machinery that adopts manual weighing and batching, and the designed total capacity of finished products is 5-7TPH for feed pellets finished products. The raw materials need to be pre-weighed and then fed from two different feeding ports into the production line.


The raw materials to be crushed are fed from the granular feeding port to the crusher according to batches. The crusher adopts a screw conveyor for feeding. The powder that does not need to be crushed enters the production line from the powder feeding port after pre-weighing and is then mixed by the mixer, the mixed materials can directly enter the finished product warehouse as powder finished products, or enter the granulation section for granulation cooling processing, and finally, be weighed and packaged manually.

The total power of the unit is about 171kw. Unit floor size: about 5× 8× 12m, 0.5T steam boiler is required. The whole unit adopts a splicing frame, with a compact design, reasonable structure, meeting environmental protection requirements, and directional design according to customer requirements.

Process introduction:

Raw material receiving and cleaning: Granular and powdery raw materials enter the production line from two feeding ports respectively, in which granular raw materials are cleaned by a special granular material cleaning screen, and then iron is removed into the bin to be crushed; Powdery raw materials need to be cleaned in advance.

Crushing: The water drop crusher is adopted, which can be used for both coarse crushing and fine crushing. The horizontal screw conveyor is fed by frequency conversion, frequency conversion control, uniform feeding, equipped with pulse dust collector, mechanical settlement and discharge, simple process, low cost, which is suitable for the crushing of small output and many kinds of raw materials.

Crushing equipment: crusher SFSP66*60, 55kW, designed to produce 5-8T/H.

Mixing: there is a bin to be mixed above the mixer so that the feeding can continue when the mixer is working, to achieve the effect of continuous and uninterrupted production. The mixed materials can enter the bin to be granulated and the powder finished product bin respectively, to meet the needs of producing powder and granular finished products at the same time.

Mixing equipment: double shaft paddle mixer SLHY1, 11kw, 500kg/batch, mixing uniformity CV ≤ 5%.

A single-layer conditioner ring die feed pellet machine is adopted, which is suitable for the production of ordinary livestock and poultry materials and ruminant materials; After granulation, it will directly enter the cooler, and then be lifted by the elevator into the crushing and screening system. Finally, it will be bagged and packed manually.

Granulating equipment: Ring die feed pellet machine SZLH350, 55kW, capacity 5-7T/H

Cooling equipment: counter flow cooler SKLN2.5, with a design capacity of 5-8 T/H;

Crusher: SSLG15*100. The design capacity is 5-H/H, which can crush large particles of finished products into small particles to produce chicken seedling material. The crusher is equipped with a bypass system, which can directly enter the rotary screen from the bypass when it is not necessary to produce crushed material;

Screening equipment: plane rotary classification screen SFJH80*2C, design capacity 5-8T.

Packaging equipment: Automatic packing consists of blanking weighing parts, seams, and conveyors. The system adopts the combination of machine pneumatic control to complete weighing, packing, seam, and conveying.

Auxiliary section: liquid adding system, which can add grease in the mixer to improve feed palatability. Packing range: 20-50 kg/bag, 4-6 bags/min.

The air compression system provides compressed air for pneumatic components in the system.

Features of the production line
1. The feed production line can produce a variety of products, suitable for livestock and poultry, ruminant feed, automatic control, and high production efficiency.

2. The pellet feed-making machine adopts a stainless steel conditioner to make the materials mature more fully, the particles smoother, the hardness moderate and the forming rate greatly improved. Frequency conversion feeding is adopted to accurately control the feeding amount.

3. The principle of counter-current cooling is used to gradually cool the pellets and avoid sudden cooling and cracking of feed pellets. The utilization rate of cold air is high, the cooling effect is remarkable, the machine energy consumption is low and the operation is simple.

5_7ton_feed_production_lines_factory (2)

suitable for professional feed processing plants, large farms, and large farms.
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