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What Is A Flying Chair Ride?

What Is A Flying Chair Ride?
flying chair rides

What is A Flying Chair Ride?

Rotating flying chair ride is a kind of rotating amusement equipment. It is also known as chair swing ride, flying horses carousel, or flying carousel. Its shape is new, imposing, spectacular, and interesting, combining thrilling and interesting. As the night falls, the swinging rotating chairs glow with the neon lights in the city, which is a rainbow in the city.


The chair swing ride in the air is like a big umbrella that can shake your head. There are many beautiful, delicate, and safe hanging chairs hanging under it. When the big umbrella rotates, the hanging chairs whirl and dance in the air in undulating waves. The flying chair amusement equipment bears the tourists sitting on the hanging chair. It is full of exciting and romantic feeling. The shape is new, imposing, spectacular, and interesting, combining thrilling and interesting.

Amusement Park Flying chairs come in a variety of forms. And a single product specification can hardly meet the needs of customers in the vast market. Thus, flying chairs include Giant Swing Ride, Carnival Swing Ride, Flying Horses Carousel, Luxury Flying chairs, Simple Flying Chairs, children flying chairs, etc. Rotating flying chairs are often seen in amusement parks. Not only do children play more, but adults also have a special liking to this kind of amusement item.

How The Flying Chair Ride Works?

The rotary flying chair ride is an entertainment mechanical equipment. The main components and structural principle is the handle rocker mechanism. The rotary table, seat modeling, swing rod, electric drive, hydraulic rotary table drive, and other components. The rotary flying chair can make the luxurious flying chair realize circular reciprocating motion in space. The beautiful appearance of the rotary flying chair ride, the gorgeous, colorful lights and wonderful music formed are very attractive to people. 

The rotary flying chair ride itself uses a lot of glass fiber reinforced plastic. And there are many different colors of paint on the glass fiber reinforced plastic. When the equipment rotates, the passengers sitting on the hanging chair are like flying in the blue sky. Experiencing stimulation and harvest happiness. The rotary flying chair is a large-scale flying tower type amusement machine. It integrates various forms of motion such as rotation, lifting, and inclination angle change. When the umbrella-shaped turntable and the middle turntable are started to rotate in opposite directions, the tower body rises.

Now, the turntable swings and the flying chair is wavy. Tourists are like flying and floating in the air. The sea and sky are vast and thrilling. The equipment is lofty and majestic. It has a soft and gorgeous lighting and colorful design. It is one of the beautiful and attractive amusement rides in the amusement park at present.

This flying horse carousel is also one of the first selection items in the standard theme park or modern amusement park. It is one of the items challenged by the brave.

You can choose the most suitable amusement park flying chair according to your site situation and capital investment. The most suitable is the best. Jason supply different kinds of flying horses carousels for sale with various styles and themes. If you are looking for a high-quality amusement park rides at an affordable price, please contact us right now!

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