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What Is A Trackless Train used in Amusement Parks?

What Is A Trackless Train used in Amusement Parks?
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Fascinating Tourist Train in Amusement Park-Trackless Train

Among the various of amusement park rides, tourist train rides occupy a vital position. Almost every park has its figure. Children can experience the fun of riding a small train in it. Lovers can enjoy the private romantic space in the bustling park in the train; Tourists of all ages are fascinated by it. Now let me introduce you to the new member of the train amusement product——Trackless Train.

The trackless tourist train is also called the amusement park train or trains for kids, mini train, etc. It is a type of sightseeing train. It is to distinguish the sightseeing train from the track sightseeing train. Wheeled track-free sightseeing trains do not need to lay rails. The biggest advantages over track-based tourist trains are the short manufacturing cycle, low manufacturing costs, and small geographical restrictions. Now, are you interested this amusement park train?

Trackless Train Power and Types

The power sources of trackless trains are mainly divided into two types: fuel-driven and battery-driven. In the concept of train is cited in the appearance.

The appearance of the trackless train is currently divided into: antique steam train, small ocean theme train, elephant theme train, Harmony train, etc.

The compartment is mainly divided into two types: fully enclosed compartment and open compartment. It is mainly suitable for scenic spots, parks, resorts and other tourist attractions.

Trackless Train Advantages

The affordable car of the sightseeing train also has the outstanding characteristics of ventilation and the view of the surrounding scenery.

There are no obstructions around the car, and the space on the car is very spacious.

The stadium athletes can not only The scenery is unobstructed, and there is better air for people to get a better ride.

Notes on the using of small trains:

First´╝ÜObtain operation certificate

This kids trains belongs to special equipment. It is necessary to go to the factory (site) of the local technical supervision bureau, and the driver learns the relevant knowledge to obtain the special equipment operation certificate and can drive.

Second: Save tourist train power tips

Avoid the rapid acceleration of the small sightseeing train when it starts. The high-voltage circuit has a large current. The frequent rapid acceleration will affect the life of the motor controller and power battery, and shorten the driving range.

Third: Inspection and Detection

Every holiday, when the playground is very busy, parents will take their children to the playground to have fun, but at this time, the inspection and detection work of the trackless sightseeing small train is also easily overlooked, which is very dangerous.

In today's economic development, monotonous traditional amusement projects can no longer meet people's increasingly high requirements for entertainment, but the trolley-less small train with a diverse and fashionable appearance design is very popular with children and parents. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor places such as large tourist attractions, sightseeing ecological parks, theme parks, playgrounds, museums, super hotels, real estate, shopping, supermarkets, pedestrian streets, etc.
You can choose the most suitable amusement park trackless train according to your site situation and capital investment. The most suitable is the best. Jason supply different kinds of tourist train for sale with various styles and themes. If you are looking for a high-quality amusement park trains at an affordable price, please contact us right now!

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