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What Would You Consider Profitable Locations?

What Would You Consider Profitable Locations?

Location will determine the success of your soda vending machine vending business. But how do you know if a location is profitable? Well, you never really know how profitable any location will be. It is kind of up in the air. You should be open to try reasonable size locations. Blue collar businesses are usually the best locations.

The vending machine industry has three categories for its target market : the blue collar businesses, the white collar businesses, and kids & young adults. Out of these three categories the blue collar is your best bet for your soda vending machines. Since blue-collar workers are out in the field or in an industrial building working hard and exhausted, chances are they might want a drink that is high in sugar or something of a Gatorade type to boost them up. This is where your soda vending machines enter, allowing workers to grab a quick drink in a higher convenience and without much down time.

There used to be a time when public schools were still considered to be a strategic location for your soda vending machines but now that the law prohibits these Soda vending machines from public schools, you may have to consider how you can still put your soda vending machines into good use within a public school's premise. If you really want to target public schools, then I suggest that instead of soda, you can just go for bottled water, fruit juices, or milk. Converting your soda vending machines to accommodate these beverages will surely keep you in business.

Aside from blue collar businesses and public schools, here is a list of various types of business that have proved to be profitable for the most part.

- New Car Dealerships - Office Buildings - Hospitals - Health Clubs - Driver's license Offices - Apartment complexes - Bowling Alleys - Bingo Halls - Junk Yards - Banks - Rehab Facilities - Fire Departments - Police Departments - Hardware Stores - Hotels - Motels - Laundromats - Training Centers - Lumber Yards - Medical Clinics - Nursing Homes - Oil change/lube shops - Pawn Shops - Paint stores - Tanning Salons - Supply Stores - Manufacturing Plants - Distribution Centers - Printing companies - Office Supply Stores - Grocery Stores - Check Cashing Stores - Car Washes - Medical Clinics - Tire Centers - Cell Phone Outlets - Furniture Stores - Dancing Schools - Beauty Schools - Art Schools and other types of school

Locations where there are high people traffic or either a lot of employees are the best places for your soda vending machines. Other than the locations mentioned above, shopping malls and airport terminals are also considered to be prime places where you can generate lots of cash.




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