G &A 2016--China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement


11:06 PM 7 July 2016 |

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Before we have a sneak peek at G & A 2016, lets have a little review of G & A2015.

   Breaking the records for the size of the trade show floor (75,000 sq.m) and the number of exhibitors (350 exhibitors), G & A 2015 was considered a great success and surpassed the expectation of everyone in every aspect. In G & A2015, you were able to meet 8,000 professional buyers from across the sector, with widely varying needs.

   G & A2015 could be divided into 3 main exhibition areas:Theme Parks & Attractions Pavilion, E-Game(Arcade Game) Pavilion and Amusement Equipment Pavilion. Many renowned enterprises home and abroad were attracted to attend the show , which showed effectiveness of G & A2015 as a trading platform to bridge Chinas and the worlds game and amusement markets.

After attending G & A2015, professionals and purchasing groups from more than 40 countries all declared that they couldnt wait to participate in G & A2016.


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