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What is The Chicken Feed Mill Plant?

The complete chicken feed production line uses corn, wheat, soybean, grain, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, stone powder, premix, and other biomass as raw materials to produce pellet feed. The process of our automatic chicken feed production line includes grain hammer mills, conveyors, mixers, chicken feed pellets, coolers, pulverizers, screening machines, automatic packaging machines, etc.

The different diameters of feed pellets can be produced according to your needs. The use of chicken feed pellets in chicken farms can greatly reduce chicken feed waste, improve feed utilization, kill harmful parasites, and reduce the probability of chicken disease. In addition, the pellet feed is easier to transport and store, and has good palatability, making it a good choice for chicken farms.


The chicken feed pellet mill machine has good raw material versatility and can be used for the granulation of various raw materials such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, and oilseed meal. At the same time, the chicken feed production plant has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high production efficiency, and large profits. It is especially suitable for large feed mills, breeding farms, large farms, etc. At the same time, we provide free installation, training, factory design, and timely after-sales service.


Some Questions About the Chicken Feed Mill Plant

1. Who is Suitable for This Chicken Feed Mill Plant? 

This chicken feed mill plant is specially designed for farmers, animal farm plants, animal feed suppliers, etc.

2. What Raw Material Can Use in The Chicken Feed Mill Plant? 

Chicken feed mill plant raw materials include corn/maize, wheat, grass, alfalfa, oilseed meal & cakes, pasture, bone meal, microelements, etc., and other kinds of raw materials, such as premix, vitamins, wheat bran, salt and other. Different formulations can be made according to different formulas and the needs of the animals being farmed.

3. What Kind of Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line Can Produce? 

This feed pellet production line can produce feed for meat chicken, broilers, laying hens, small baby chicken feed, cattle feed, pig feed, duck feed, sheep feed, poultry feed, livestock feed, goat feed, etc. Such as 2-4mm diameter chick feed pellets and pig feed pellets. 2-5mm rabbit feed pellets, 4-8mm cattle or sheep feed pellets.

This feed pellet mill with ring dies, makes pellets of 2-10mm in diameter, the pellet size can be changed with our feed pellet machine by adjusting the die.

4. Why Choose Our Chicken Feed Production Line?

Widely Applications: This chicken feed pellet mill plant can make feeds for chicken, broiler, hen, poultry, livestock, sheep, pig, cattle, duck, and other animals, it makes pellets of 2-12mm diameter, and the pellet size is can be changed with our feed pellet machine by adjusting die.

Small Investment: the compact design of this feed mill plant can reduce the investment in workshops.

Low Installation Cost: our chicken feed production line comes with detailed installation and commissioning instructions, it is easy to install the machine, and you can use it immediately after the machine is installed.

Low Production Cost: The chicken feed factory only needs a few production workers to complete the production operation. With less labor and lower production costs, your profits will increase.

5. What Can We Do for You? 

We can provide the project design, flow chart, feed-making machine manufacturer, the project installation and commission, your staff training, after-sales service, etc. Also, our professional install team will serve you if you need it.

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