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Double Shaft Feed Mixer IntroductionMixing is one of the most important operations in the production of animal feeds. So, the feed mixer is considered to be the heart of the animal feed production line.This double shaft paddle feed mixer also called a horizontal feed mixer or poultry feed mixer, which is specially designed for uniform mixing of a range of powered as well as granulated materials. It is widely used in the domain of agriculture for precise mixing of cattle food, fish pellet, poultry feed, vitamin supplements, and different kinds of cereals.

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 This horizontal feed mixer is available with huge production capacity and mixing capability with its unique design having paddles. Its unmatched structure ensures consistent mixing to attain high standards of homogeneity with the mixing ratio of 1:100,000. In addition to this, it is available with the feature of adding liquid to the level of 3-4%. The discharging time of the mixer is around 10-15 seconds and it can easily work more than 12 lots per hour. Horizontal Feed Mixer Features1. Fast mixed, unloaded at the end of open-nesting, the low rate of residual material.2.Open structure flexible, good sealing, to ensure that no leakage of material.3. Use a large variation range of full load, with a short time of mixing and discharging and very little residue.4.Soft mixing process, fast mixing speed, high uniformity and difficult classification5.Full-length double door discharging, quick discharging6. Completely discharging and little residue

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Horizontal Feed Mixer ApplicationIt can be widely used in compound feed plant, concentrate plant, premix plant, chemical industry, food fabric, and other industries

double shaft paddle feed mixer
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