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3:52 AM 7 September 2020 | Henan

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Dry Type Floating Fish Feed Plant IntroductionThis dry type floating fish feed plant is newly developed to meet the demand for intensive production of fish feed pellets which can process all kinds of grains powder into the high quality aquatic floating pellet. With many specifications, so this floating fish pellet plant can produce floating fish feed, pet feed, livestock feed, etc. 

floating fish feed machine,fish feed pellet machine
floating fish feed pellet machine, fish feed pellet machine
floating fish feed plant, dry type

The complete floating fish feed production line including feed grinder, feed mixer, feed dryerfeed cooler, oil spray machine, packing machine which are connected by conveyors or elevators. The feed pellet can float on the water for 12 hours at least. By adjusting the feed formulation, also can make a sinking feed pellet. The pellet size from 1mm to 12mm by changing the molds.  The products can have different shapes, unique flavor, rich nutrients, and fine texture to meet the different eating habits of animals. Super automation control and high production efficiency, this fish feed production line is the best choice for medium and big sized feed mills and breeding farms.  This dry type floating fish feed production line can produce various kinds of pellets for different varieties of fishes including Catfish pellets, CatCarp pellets, Halibut pellets, Trout pellets, Hemp pellets, CSL pellets, etc. 

 dry type floating fish feed produciton line

Working Process of Floating Fish Feed PlantStarting Materials → mixing → transferring → extrusion puffing → transferring → drying → cooling → screening → spraying oil → seasoning → packaging 

 dry type floating fish feed mill plant
Raw Material required :
Type: Flour, cornmeal, soybean meal, maize meal, meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, etc.
Fitness: about 60-80mesh which were crushed and mixed 
Moisture content: about 20%-25%
Starch content: ≥30%
floating fish feed machinery

Main Machine of the Floating Fish Feed Production Line 1. Feed Grinder: mainly used for grinding all kinds of raw materials like soybean, maize, etc.2. Feed Mixer: mainly used to mix all kinds of raw material evenly, such as wheat meal, corn meal, sorghum meal, bone meal, meat meal, and so on, it also can mix other micro-ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, and other feed additives.3. Dry Type Fish Feed Making Machine: it is the main machine to make the raw materials into feed pellets. 4. Feed Dryer: to reduce the moisture content of the feed pellet.5. Feed Cooler: to low the temperature after pellet drying with higher temperature.6. Oil spray machine: use to spray oil onto the surface of the feed pellet. Which delicious for the food which can attract the fish to eat the pellet. Second, it is better for storage.7. Pellet Packing machine: packing the finished feed pellet into bags, and 1-50kg per bag, it is more convenient for storage and transport.The process including filling, weighing, sealing.8. Feed conveyors and elevator: which are used between machines. It can save labor and make the line more automatic.  We can design and supply different capacities of the complete line according to customers’ requirements. Usually have 200kg/h, 350kg/h, 500kg/h, 800-1000kg/h, 2000kg/h. 

dry type floating fish feed machine
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