Gacha (Gashapon) Capsule Vending Machine (NEED TO SELL ASAP)

collin harris,

7:08 PM 11 August 2014 | Florida

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Technical Description:

Tomy Gacha Toy Capsule Vending Machine. Excellent Condition! New sells for $800+!

System with 4 vending units; each with their own display case.

Each Unit hold approximately 175 capsules.

Dimensions 25.2" (W) x 49.2" (H) x 16.9"(D)

Machine Weight Approximately 98 lbs

Capsule size 2 inches - purchase includes 100 capsules to get you started.

Machine needs no electricity

Notes:This Gachapon machine has been used. It is missing its coin drawers, so in order for it to store change you would have to go to a vending machine outlet (or site like I did) and pick them up. I bought mine for $10 each and got 2 keys for $5.Other then the coin drawers it comes with everything that it would originally come with. That includes all the hardware, the braces, feet, clear display top, and whatever else it came with. The feet are removable if space is an issue. There are 2 wheels that broke off of the feet that I'll superglue/epoxy back on if you are interested. I ended up not using the feet at all because it adds nearly a foot of height.PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE. I AM MOVING IN 6 DAYS AND NEED TO SELL THIS ASAP.

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