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Horizontal Feed Mixer IntroductionThis horizontal feed mixer also called feed grinder mixer, which is mainly used for major and medium farms, chicken, beef, lamb, cattle, fish, goat, pig and agitation mix in one of the feed processing line. It is one of most popular animal feed making machine.

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feed grinder mixer,feed production line

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The animal feed grinder mixer can mix the raw materials fully and with the novelty rotor configuration that can adjust the gap to nearly zero between rotor and shell. The vertical blender mixer can pulverize heave matter and use conveniently.  With the advanced design, reasonable arrangement, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, the final products of the feed mixer has the quality of even ingredients, high productivity, Horizontal Feed Mixer Features1. The mixing uniformity is high, and the residual amount of materials in the machine is small2. According to the need of users, large or small door opening, pneumatic, electric or manual feeding can be adopted.3. According to customer’s need, liquid adding device can be added

horizontal feed mixer, feed production line

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horizontal feed grinder mixer, feed processing machine

 Horizontal Feed Mixer Working Principle1. This animal feed mixer machine can be divided into two parts, a crushing structure and a material structure 2. The crushing structure: There are two ways to input the materials: automatically or manually. When the raw materials were put into the crushing room, with the beating of the hammer leaf and the scrubbing of the air, the raw materials will be crushed into mealiness or graininess. Then under the effect of the centrifugal air, the graininess will get in to the A impeller casing through the sieve pore.3. The mixing structure:with the whirling of the thruster, the materials will be transferred into the material pipeline by the B hammer room by force. There, the materials will be lifted to the top of the room and be totally mixed up and down and spined from left to right via the air. Therefore, the materials can be evenly mixed which is quite ideal.Horizontal Feed Mixer ApplicationIt is designed for small farmers, medium and industrial feed processing plant, chicken farm, pig farm, livestock, poultry feeding industry, etc. It is used in the crushing and mixing animal feed, livestock feed, swine, like cattle, sheep, pig ,poultry feed such as chicken, duck etc.

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