Triple Play candy machines by Northwestern

Vitaliy Drevelkov,

10:45 AM 21 April 2015 | Florida



Condition: NEW

The Triple Play’s rugged elegance is immediately noticeable and extremely eye catching…perfect for securing upscale locations or just classing up a regular joint! The Triple Play utilizes three 60 Series coin mechanisms for ultimate reliability, and its patented design allows for the easiest servicing of any multi-vender available. Vending possibilities include gum, candy, small capsules, bouncy balls, nuts, trail mix, animal feed, and more! The machine is made of rugged steel and cast alloy construction with a brilliant, scratch resistant powder coat paint, high-impact plastic display panel, removable cash box with three compartments and anti-spill tray. The coin mechanism is made from coin triple plated chrome finish and available for 25 cent and 50 cent vends. Its patented “drop-thru” feature prevents jamming by allowing small coins and other items to drop into the cash box (25 cent only- please specify when ordering) Additional options include a chrome top, additional colors, high security lock and key available for top and back door, 1” capsule or JB wheel and excaps to expand merchandise capacity (up to three per machine). The price doesn't include the rack. If you want to order different parts, please contact a manager.

Country: United States State: Florida CategÐūry: Bulk Vending Brand: Northwestern (954) 769-0510 See more information


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