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Wet Type Floating Fish Feed Pelletizer IntroductionWet type floating fish feed pelletizer is different from dry type floating fish feed machine, it requires a steam boiler to continuously provide steam to the conditioner. The floating fish pellets made by this wet type has better quality and can float on the water surface for more than 24 hours. It is usually used in the wet type floating fish feed production line.

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This wet type floating fish feed making machine can also be used to make sinking fish feed pellets and other kinds of aquatic feed or this fish feed machine can also be used as a pet food machine to make pet food for the cat, dog, etc.

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Raw Materials RequiredType: maize (corn), soybean oil meal/cake, rapeseed oil cake, wheat flour, barley flour, vitamins, microelements, fish powder, cassava, etc.Fitness: about 60-80mesh which were crushed and mixedMoisture content: about 20%-25%  Starch content: ≥30%Oil content: ≤10%

 wet type floating fish feed making machine

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Wet Type Floating Fish Feed Pelletizer Features1. Variably configurations of screw bolts are available for different formulas and raw materials2. Barrel and screw adopt alloy steel with heat treatment, having a long service life3. Cutting speed can be adjusted to cut the material into different length4. Modes can be changed to make fish feed pellets with a diameter from 1.0 to 9mm.5. Molds can be changed to produce different shapes of feed pellets.5. Screw sleeve adopts jacketed construction, which can be injected in with hot steam or cooling water, thus the extruding temperature can be controlled effectively.7. The conditioner can make the materials have fully gelatinization of starch by a combination of hot steam and mechanical shear/mixing. The materials may remain in the conditioner for a time over 180s.

 wet type fish feed pelletizer for sale

Wet Type Floating Fish Feed Machine Structures1. Feeder: it is to ensure the uniform and stable feeding, and adjust the feeding quantity according to the rated current value of the extrusion motor. Generally, it uses electromagnetic speed motor or frequency converter to control speed and change material feeding quantity. The outlet of the feeding hopper is usually fed by the spiral dragline to the extruded section.2. Extruding chamber: it consists of a screw, a barrel, a template, a clamp, and so on. The screw and barrel are piecewise combined, so the degree of compression can be adjusted by the type and requirements of extruded feed, to change the expansion of the extruded feed.3. The expansion mechanism is divided into 3 segments according to its function and position:Feeding section: in this section the screw pitch is large, so it mainly transports and compresses materials, so that the spiral groove is filled with feed material.Compression section: the slot of screw shallows along the material pushing direction and compresses the material.Extrusion section: screw groove is more shallow, pitch gradually turns smaller, and the extrusion pressure reaches up to 3.0-10Mpa, the temperature can reach 120-150 degrees Celsius.

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4. The outlet of the extrusion section is a template, and the template shape can be designed into different die hole shapes according to the needs of different feeds. When the feed is extruded from die holes and enters the atmosphere, both its temperature and pressure drop, as a result, the rapid expansion of the volume and rapid water evaporation dehydration solidify the feed into expanded fish feed or pet food.

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